Why choose us?

It's not just the affordable fee, it's the value you get from our services. We pride ourselves on providing high quality services delivered on time.

We are there when you need us. We take the time to understand your needs and offer workable soultions that save you time and money. You gain better control of your business. We take advantage of the latest technology to provide you high quality services.

Easily communicate with your accountant by uploading your statements, receipts, and other business documents by email. We are set up to work remotely if needed and accept digital signatures for document signing.

Our team is made up of accounting and tax experts. We pay attention to every detail without losing sight of the big picture.


Our comprehensive services come at an affordable price. We trust that you will give us the opportunity to earn your respect, confidence, and business.


  • Financial Statements
  • Compilation of financial information into unaudited financial statements in accordance with Accounting Practices for Private Enterprises (ASPE), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), or Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations as applicable.

  • Payroll
  • Payroll processing made simple! Submit your time sheets or pay schedules and we'll take care of the rest. Paystubs will be generated for you and you can choose to pay your employees by cheque or direct deposit. We'll work with you to set up direct deposit with your bank. Annual filings, ROEs, and remittance reporting are all included.

  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Whether you're seeking management advice or forecasting earnings as part of bank loan approvals, we can help you prepare detailed budgets and accurate forecasts. We've worked with the major banks in Toronto and the Business Development Bank (BDC) to help clients obtain financing for their upcoming projects and business startups.

  • Accounting Systems and Policies
  • Whether you're starting a new business or growing your existing business, we can help you design accounting systems and policies that suit your organization. We'll get you on the right track by providing you insight into the accounting issues facing your firm and help you find areas where policies could better align with your goals. In addition, we'll help you design proper internal controls to ensure your systems are in good health!


  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Whether you have a simple T4 or a complex tax situation, we're happy to prepare your tax return for you. We're experts in the Income Tax Act (ITA) and its regulations so feel free to ask us about changes in the tax code. Bring in your documents and we'll work with you to provide tax planning advice suited for your situation. We also offer estate planning services to help you manage the transfer of your income and assets to family and loved ones.

  • Self-Employed Tax Returns
  • We'll help you navigate the twists and turns of calculating your income and expenses as well as making sure you've made the appropriate deductions. We'll help you balance your personal and business income as well as ensure you take advantage of all the tax credits applicable to you. In addition, we'll file HST and other government reports if necessary.

  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • A corporation tax return starts with the financial statements. Whether you've enlisted us to help you prepare the financial statements or you've brought your own, we will prepare your tax return with great care. You'll see the difference between accounting income and taxable income as well as obtain valuable advice for tax planning including analysis of deferred tax assets and liabilities. Shareholders management and HST filings are included.

  • Partnership Tax Returns
  • Doctors, accountants, lawyers, architects, and any others engaged in partnerships must file their portion of partnership income on their personal tax returns. Similar to self-employed tax returns, we'll help you take advantage of all the credits available and give you valuable advice about tax and estate planning.


  • Document Management
  • An important part of business success is having organized accounting records. We'll help you establish good record keeping and manage documents efficiently.

  • Posting Income and Expenses
  • Provide us with your source documents and we'll post them electronically to our accounting software. This includes cheques, deposits, payables, and invoices.

  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Find out what cheques you've written that haven't been deposited yet by doing a bank reconciliation. Many clients are surprised to find they have some very old cheques floating around!

  • Journal Entries, Ledgers, Adjustments
  • When it comes to year end adjustments, special journal entries, or G/L management, we can make the right entry for you.


  • Business Name, HST, and WSIB Registration
  • Register a new business by reserving its name, creating a CRA account (HST & Payroll), as well as WSIB (as applicable).

  • Incorporation
  • We'll prepare the articles of incorporation, shareholder's agreement, and all filings. We'll ask you a few questions about your new business and have you up and running in a few business days.

  • Business Plans
  • If you're starting a new business, opening a franchise, or simply expanding your existing business, you'll need a business plan. Our experts will as you questions about your business and prepare the plan. We'll consider all the industry facts, marketing strategies, and financial aspects of the plan. Banks and investors have always given us great feedback about our plans and we've made it easy for clients to obtain funding.

  • Management Consulting
  • Looking for ways to improve your business? Are you the victim of fraud? Do you have special regulatory requirements? Our consultants can help you find efficiencies, improve internal controls, handle investigations or audits, and comply with regulations in a wide variety of cases.